Who We Are

A UPL group company

Who We Are

Advanta Seeds India became a UPL group company.


seed company to enhance the productivity of smallholder farmers, in South & Southeast Asia, Access to Seed Index 2019.


years of research experience in plant genetics.


Research & Development centers in India. Located in Pune, Bihar, Sonipat, and Hyderabad.


seed company to enhance the productivity of smallholder farmers, globally, according to Access to Seeds Index.


hybrid varieties for 12 types of crops.


Research & Development centers worldwide.

Our Story

Advanta Seeds is a UPL group company.

Advanta Seeds prides itself on decades of research and deployment of the most advanced technologies in traditional plant breeding to deliver high-quality seeds. The company has over 60 years of experience in plant genetics research and development. Advanta Seeds has a leadership position in many geographies in field crops such as grain sorghum, forages, corn, sunflower, canola, rice, and many segments of vegetables. 


Golden Seeds

We are currently market leaders in tropical Cauliflower, Okra, Beetroot, Peas, and other major crops. Our vegetable portfolio comprises over 25 vegetable crops and is well-diversified we are introducing value-added products every year. We are focused on our customers and our team works closely with growers to provide them with the best vegetable solutions.


Forage Specialists

Advanta has been a pioneer in introducing next-generation forage seeds, serving Indian dairy farmers through a superior portfolio of world-class products. Our offerings are aimed at supplying more and highly nutritive forages round the year thus reducing the dependability on concentrates. This results in a significant drop in the production cost of milk, thus increasing farmers’ income. Advanta is working on pathbreaking technologies in Forages and bringing a positive impact in the lives of dairy farmers, increasing their profits and bringing prosperity to their lives.


Always Human

We are all about connecting with people, in a human way – showing respect, demonstrating trust, celebrating diversity, favouring warmth over cool. For us technology is an enabler, not the endgame. We see the value in human connectivity and how it creates new opportunities for everyone.


Nothing's Impossible

There is no limit to our ambition or our ability to grow. We are not afraid to run with new ideas, work with new

partners, push ourselves beyond our comfort zones or simply ask ‘Why not?’. We dare to change the game and create a new food economy for the world.


Win, Win, Win

We serve a cause bigger than ourselves – sustainability of global food systems. We win when we create sustainable solutions based on responsible choices, when everyone we serve and partner with grows too, and when together we achieve sustainable growth for society as a whole – the biggest win of all.


One team, one focus

We are one team, for maximum impact. One team with shared goals. We all play for the team and no-one plays against the team. We have a laser-like focus on what our customers need and want, on anticipating their future needs and how we can create innovative solutions and experiences for them.



No-one is faster or more efficient. We thrive on targets and challenges that, while possibly daunting at first glance, only excite and energize us. Wherever we operate, speed and agility are in our DNA. The world needs our urgency.

Keep it simple, make it fun

Food systems are highly complex and present huge challenges. We cut through this, by keeping it simple. People value simplicity, customers especially. And everyone likes fun, so let’s have some, doing what we love to do.



CEO Global

Prashant Belgamwar

Business Director South Asia

Our impact on the agricultural community

From Punjab to Kerala, we’re making a difference on farms everywhere.


Advanta Seeds bags two Innovation Awards


Advanta Seeds embeds sustainability into its DNA.


Thailand to Peru. Delivering a sustainable corn economy to Latin America.



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